Wednesday, 28 May 2008

"L'Appel De La Muse" compilation (1989)

Released by "Alea jacta est" label in 1989.
Here you can find the coldest opera by Excès Nocturne, the industrial-oriented track by Medikao and gothic post-punk masterpiece by Lucie Cries...
Probably, this 10-track compilation is the best place to start listening coldwave!

01) Lucie Cries "The Muse's Calling"
02) Clair Obscur "Froh"
03) L'an III "Les Enfants"
04) Medikao "Sex Gore"
05) Little Nemo "Alan's Waiting (2nd Version)"
06) Excès Nocturne "Dahlia Noir"
07) Tuatha De Danann "Anastoria"
08) Mary Goes Round "The Nightmare (1st Version)"
09) Message "The Grave"
10) Asylum Party "Dreaming"



doba said...

Thanx A LOT. Realy good recopilation


Rommel said...

Hi, Doba!
I'll try to find this, but now i have only two L'ADLM compilations (vol.1 & vol.2).

doba said...

Can U share it???? I will apreciate it!!! Thank U Again!!!

illusion said...

Great post and great blog!
i love cold wave bands
visit ny page,ok?

armeur H said...

hello ! you can find the raperecording of the TG LIve in Paris 2008 on my blog :; I hope to read you soon !