Monday, 14 July 2008

Neutral Project - Comme Un Oiseau De Proie... (1989)

Well, after 20 days of absence, I'm coming back.
Today's post is a first release of Neutral Project.
IMHO, NP is the best Kristian Dernoncourt project I've ever heard.
My favourite song here is "J'Appelle...".
This stuff is very haunting and dramatic.

01) Soleil De Nuit (2ème Eclipse)
02) J'Appelle...
03) A Vision In Your Eyes
04) Enigmatic Dream
05) La Mer Des Sarcasmes
06) Reviens!
07) Future
08) Nuit D'Automne
09) Révolte De L'Amour
10) Et Le Rêve Devint Légende


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