Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Persona - Presque, Tout, Cassure (1989)

Coldwave band with some industrial/experimental influences. This project was a collaboration between two genious musicians: Marc Collin and Xavier Jamaux. If you're looking for sombre and weird pop music, then click Download.

01) Angst
02) Vogler
03) Emak Bakkia
04) Haiku
05) Moyoas
06) Spirit
07) Abadona
08) Portrait De Bela En Vert



Perro D Chrome said...

Thanks for this man!!! a hug.

rhizome said...

thanks a lot for this one... I own this tape since its release, but i never realized it was collin and jamaux that made it... I'm so glad to be able to hear it again. One of the most innovative and original bands in France at the time, in my opinion...

ђ Nagashadow said...

Thank you so much!!!
I was searching for Persona's releases.