Saturday, 17 October 2009

Maria Et - La Fuite En Avant (1986)

At the end of this upload-day I want to present you a band called Maria Et and their mini-longplay.
Art-rock/(cabaret)/coldwave one from Divine label, famous for Complot Bronswick and Tuxedomoon.
These fabulous guys are from Toulouse.

1) Agitation
2) Etrange Parcours
3) La Fuite En Avant
4) Retrouvailles
5) Amicalement Votre
6) Disparu



André said...

Excellent you have anything by the french band Classé X? They released a selftitled LP in 1984.

Rommel said...

Thank you, André.
I'm still looking for Classé X album, but it's smartish rare!

yronisdead said...