Saturday, 18 October 2008

Bunker Strasse - Bunker (1987)

BunkerStrasse's first official release.
Released by Hayoon Limit? label.
Thanks to Hochmah for providing this K7.
If you ask me for the best place to start listening to french coldwave, then I advise you this stuff.

01) My Own Way
02) Le Retour Du Roi
03) Mirror
04) Tears (Live)
05) Souvenirs (Live)



master.decibels said...

Hello Rommel..
I'm not musician but BS are my best friends :)


Rommel said...

OK, corrected a little.
Anyway, you're a great man.

marko said...

please i need to tell me how extract audio from k7 to mp3, sorry my bad english.

Rommel said...

Hello, Marko. Sorry, but I don't know about this.
All the music I posted here was downloaded from soulseek or received from musicians' friends.