Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bunker Strasse - Live In Ronchin 24.09.1989 ("Espoirs Ephémères" festival)

Today's post is this rare live tape by genious coldwave band from the north of France. Getting some titles from this K7 was VERY hard, but I thank Didier Vendevilie, a Bunker Strasse musician, which helped me to get some knowness. And, of course, thanks Alex Flaying for this material!

01) Intro/Rêve De Pierre
02) Les Amants Maudits
03) Mirror
04) Les 25 Pièces Sont Vides
05) For I Can
06) Folie Démence
07) Suicide
08) Senso
09) Feast
10) Crime



The Cold Depths of Solitude said...

Thanks a lot! I've many tracks of Bunker Strasse (Hochmah's friend ^^)& Modele Martial (No Tears et Avis G821 too) but not this live. In my opinion, hochmah will be glad to see Bunker S. here!! Have a nice day!!

Flo ;)

Perro D Chrome said...

Precious sounds Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phronèsis blog said...

Hi !
thanks for this live !
I was there !! yes really !!