Saturday, 30 August 2008

L'An III - Untitled (1987)

Another french coldwave miracle.
Very impressive and melodic songs, similar to Neutral Project.

01) Suicide
02) Euthanasie
03) Utopie
04) Mise Au Point
05) Accident Mortel
06) Isanera
07) Pas Comme Ca
08) Konzentration Läger
09) Berlin
10) Déferlements
11) Erster Tod, Zweites Leben
12) Enjoy
13) No Way
14) Interdictions



pressvre said...

классный блог!круто что в Украине есть такие люди!спасибо!

Rommel said...

Спасибо за комментарий! Есть для кого стараться.

yronisdead said...

Hi, your blog is amazing! I have a question to ask: do You happen to have L'An III's "Les Internés De La Raison"? If You do, it would be wonderful if you posted it too. Best wishes.

Rommel said...

Hello, yronisdead. Thanks for commenting. I'm sorry, but can't find "Les Internés De La Raison". Next week I'll try to ask my french friends about this one. So, fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

so sorry to pester b ut i've just a had a real listten to this band thanks to yr blog & they're great. any chance of Les Internés De La Raison? it must've been on some blog sometime as typically this is where the images for discogs come from, either that or ebay i guess. ok well, here's hoping