Tuesday 24 June 2008

"Extérieur Nuit" compilation (2000)

Today's post is this fantastic gothic-rock/coldwave compilation.
Includes the masterpiece works by Memoires D'automne, Neutral Project, Bunkerstrasse, Lucie Cries and others.
That's weird stuff... Released only as K7 by Apratima.

01) Wallenberg - Memories Damage (or Sniffin' Glue)
02) Tales - Enough
03) Hide & Seek - Le Chercheur D'arbres
04) Ultimatome - El Hasima
05) Memoires D'automne - Dance Of The Nothing
06) Neutral Project - Shadows
07) Lucie Cries - Vers L'azur
08) Guardian Bird - Renaissance
09) Neutral Project - Prisoner
10) Memoires D'automne - Blurred Pictures
11) Curtain - The Empty Sky
12) Bunkerstrasse - Les 25 Pieces Sont Vides
13) Season Five - Passion
14) Neutral Project - Sous Le Soleil De Novembre
15) Wallenberg - The Silence Or The Death
16) Ultimatome - Anyone
17) Lucie Cries - Les Soleils Felons
18) Renaissance Noire - D'irlande + Les Nuits N'ont Pas D'ombres

Download part 1 (tracks 01-10)
Download part 2 (tracks 11-18)

Thursday 19 June 2008

L'Avis G821 - Die Kaisergruft K7 (1989)

Kristian Dernoncourt (Bunkerstrasse, Neutral Project, Renaissance Noire, No Tears) industrial/coldwave project.
Great atmospheric work.

01) Kalt
02) M.S.N.
03) Murs Murs
04) b tn' flai
05) What
06) Murmures
07) Die Kaisergruft (bonus reprise)


Wednesday 18 June 2008

Persona Non Grata - Our Shade Of Sin (1984)

Another amazing coldwave/post-punk band from Rouen.
They released this LP on legendary L'Invitation Au Suicide label.

01) The Heirs part I
02) The Heirs part II
03) Brother
04) Sunk With A Sheen
05) The Clawing I
06) The Clawing II
07) lroquois Boys (and Bogey Girls)
08) Lacerados Hombres
09) End


Runners From 1984 - S/T EP (1978)

Patrick Leagas and Richard Butler pre-DI6 project. I'd rather call this psycho-post-punk!

01) Back Of Our Minds
02) For The Cause
03) Only A Human Being
04) Four Minute Warning


Decades - Le Jour Se Lève (1992)

The band that became one of my favourite gothic rock acts after I heard "Esom Elion Esmaris" and "L'Appel De La Muse, Vol. 2" compilations. Touching romantic songs with a drift into the "dark-rock".

1) La Vie Devant Soi
2) Sauvagerie
3) Le Jour Se Lève
4) Printemps


Thursday 12 June 2008

Octobre - Next Year In Asia (1982)

Great short-lived french new wave band.
Actually, this band is a project of Marquis De Sade & Marie Et Les Garçons members. 
They released two albums: Next Year In Asia'82 and Paolino Parc'83.

01) Metropolitan opera
02) Nastassja
03) Next year in asia
04) Acteurs
05) White days
06) Elegante solution


Wednesday 11 June 2008

1984 - Specjalny Rodzaj Kontrastu

That's my first post, dedicated to polish post-punk 80's movement. 1984 is a Cure-stylish band with some coldwave ("zimna fala") elements.
Specjalny Rodzaj Kontrastu LP is a compilation of 1986-87 studio & live recordings.

01) Pierwszy śnieg
02) Wstajemy na raz, śpiewamy na dwa
03) Święto urodzaju
04) Ferma hodowlana
05) Zaśpiewaj wojowniku
06) Manitou
07) Zabiłem pająka
08) Pierwszy dzień zmartwychwstania
09) Ferma hodowlana
10) Sztuczne oddychanie
11) Radio Niebieskie Oczy Heleny
12) Wstajemy na raz, śpiewamy na dwa
13) Tu nie będzie rewolucji
14) Specjalny rodzaj kontrastu
15) Biała chorągiewka
16) Czas pokonanych
17) Pod szkłem
18) Pierwszy front
19) Niech płoną sny
20) Komisariat

Download part 1 (tracks 01-10)
Download part 2 (tracks 11-20)

Awesome coldwave posts!

First of all, I want to "promote" some great posts from Capa Nostra's blog (from the "Must have it" category):
1) Les Enfants De L'Ombre - La Haine Rode Et Nous Guette (1988)
2) Closed Session - Song For Sale (Tape) (1986)
3) Die Bunker - Dreams Are Not Free (1988)
4) DZ Lectric - Le Moine (1984)
5) Pro Memoria - Elegeia 12'' (1989)

Of course, there's not only coldwave acts. I've found some interesting releases by deathrock miracle Gargoyle Sox, very rare LP by german NDW/goth band Geisterfahrer and excellent album of polish new wave act Brygada Kryzys.

Next, take a trip down Curious Guy's blog:
1) DZ Lectric - Be Eclectic! (1987)
2) Ausweis - s/t MLP (1984)
3) Odessa - s/t 7" (1984)

Perfect Cranio's blog contains:
1) Der Bau Compilation (1986)
2) Vox Populi! LP's
3) Reseau d'Ombres works

At last, you MUST see Frankie Teardrop's blog. There you can find:
1) Guerre Froide - "Archives" and "Untitled" 12''
2) Taxi Girl - Cherchez le Garçon Mini (1980)
3) Résistance - 100 Lives (1989)
4) Babel 17 - Shades (1991)

Monday 9 June 2008

Maeror Tri - Sensuum Mendacia (1991)

Excellent example of early MT "searchings".
This sixth MT cassette contains 1989-91 recordings.
According to booklet, this tape is dedicated to the senses!

01) Antrum
02) Soma 2
03) Choir Of Transcendence
04) Mental Electricity
05) Aegritudo
06) Animorum Post Mortem Ab Aliis Ad Alios Transitio


Gestalt - Le Sommeil Du Singe (1988)

Great coldwave project, which compiled accordion-cabaretish spirit of 1920's with cold batcave sound. Another masterpiece released by Autoprod in the end of the 80's.

01) Deuxieme Ombre
02) Mikrokosm
03) V.N.
04) Ditja Berlina
05) Novi Mundi
06) Mille Nuits
07) Le Sommeil du Singe


Saturday 7 June 2008

And Also The Trees - The Millpond Years (1987)

One of the best albums of this unique english post-punk band.
An atmosphere is quite cold and "archaic".
Here's lyrics from my favourite AATT song called "Simple Tom And The Ghost of Jenny Bailey":

The day flees the town with a drunkards yell,,
Silence from the slaughterhouse
And the midnight bell
Shudders down Shambles alley
Slamming shutters-
And the market litter flies,
Newspaper acrobats, straw and rags
Whirl up to Tom's window...
And away.

Simple Tom looks out across the town,
'Come into my shipwreck room,'
Creaking beams and tilting shadows
And the tallow-sticks burn
High above athe cobble streets.
'Come into my shipwreck room
Jenny Bailey.'

We can see Tom's hand only,
Pulling horse-fair from the chair.
The candle splutters,
His pupil shrinks, his pupil grows.
'You are my ghost Jenny Bailey,
Come and dance with me
While the whole town sleeps.'

Simple Tom looks out across the town,
'Walk across the scaly roofs
Look into my open window,
Oh, my rooftop girl
Rats-tail hair and milky skin
Glinting in the weather-vanes...
Jenny Bailey.'

01) The Suffering of The Stream
02) Simple Tom and The Ghost of Jenny Bailey
03) The House of The Heart
04) This Ship in Trouble
05) Count Jefferey
06) Shaletown
07) The Sandstone Man
08) From The Silver Frost
09) The Millpond Years
10) Needle Street
11) L'Unica Strada