Thursday 24 December 2009

Die Atlantikschwimmer - Die Atlantikschwimmer (cassette, 1983)

The first release of this fantastic (and, probably, one of my all-time favourite) NDW band. Released as cassette in 1983 by Kassetto Fix. Just one thing to know is that the song "Ich Zeige Dir" is an early version of "Komm Mit Mir", which appeared on the only vinyl record "Die Atlantikschwimmer".

01) Immerzu
02) Abendvorstellung
03) Keine Antwort Auf Brennende Fragen
04) In Feuer Und Wasser Haben Sie Den Tod Gefunden
05) Ich Zeige Dir
06) Warten
07) Zimmer 43


Monday 7 December 2009

Da - Time Will Be Kind (1982)

Fantastic Chicago goth/punk band, which music had flirted with art-rock/no wave.
I've posted their first 7" some time ago.
Think about the day Bush Tetras meet Siouxsie & The Banshees and then give a listen to this american perfection.

01) Next To Nothing
02) Strangers
03) Silent Snow
04) Three Shadows
05) This Doubt
V.A. Busted At OZ songs (1981)
01) Fish Shit
02) The Killer


Sunday 6 December 2009

Kekko Bravo - Je Laisse Mes Marques (1985)

Fabulous act from Tours, which late song I have recently posted here.
The second song should be coldwave classics.
Shiny and light, not so sombre as their one from "Orcades Machinales, Vol. 1".

01) Je Laisse Mes Marques
02) La Ville De Nos Rêves


Good news! Now you can buy this vinyl here.