Wednesday 13 January 2010

Thérèse Racket - Rebelle (1986)

Second 7inch-vinyl of this coldwave pearl from Toulouse.
Nowhere to hide from its cold synths, wavy guitars and dramatic vocals.

01) Rebelle
02) L'Exil


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"Unreleased Volume II" compilation (1988)

A masterpiece compilation from Présage. Despite the fact that first VA from the "Unreleased" series was the one hundred percent wave-ish stuff, this one presents more alternative forms such as gothic rock and indie.

01) Little Nemo - My Eternal Friend (1st Way)
02) Mary Goes Round - The Nightmare
03) Via Valvag - Au Rythme Des Jours
04) The Wait - Moving In
05) Kindergarten - Machines'Co
06) Asylum Party - The Desert
07) Wallenberg - Someone's Changing (Helen Part 1)
08) Neutral Project - Enigmatic Dream
09) Close Cover - The Bomb
10) Les Tétines Noires - Marônium