Saturday 31 May 2008

Die Atlantikschwimmer - S/T (1985)

Cool NDW band. They released only two albums (according to
This one is the second. No further info.

01) Komm Mit Mir (3:26)
02) Der Tunnel (4:52)
03) Film Mit Überlänge (4:39)
04) Lage Der Nation (2:33)
05) Sehnsucht (4:20)
06) Herbst (3:43)


Wednesday 28 May 2008

Death In June - Archive Material (198?)

The tracks 2-12 were released on "The Phoenix Has Risen".
Other tracks are from different performances and demos.
Released in 1987 (or 1988) by Sixth Comm...
I hope you like it!

01) Speeches
02) We Drive East 1
03) We Drive East 2
04) Knives
05) Nation
06) In The Nightime 1
07) In The Nightime 2
08) Himmel Strasse
09) Nothing Changes
10) Intermission
11) Untitled
12) Nirvana
13) Untitled
14) Untitled
15) Born Again
16) The Torture Garden 1
17) The Torture Garden 2
18) Untitled
19) The Calling
20) Carousel
21) Doubt To Nothing


"L'Appel De La Muse" compilation (1989)

Released by "Alea jacta est" label in 1989.
Here you can find the coldest opera by Excès Nocturne, the industrial-oriented track by Medikao and gothic post-punk masterpiece by Lucie Cries...
Probably, this 10-track compilation is the best place to start listening coldwave!

01) Lucie Cries "The Muse's Calling"
02) Clair Obscur "Froh"
03) L'an III "Les Enfants"
04) Medikao "Sex Gore"
05) Little Nemo "Alan's Waiting (2nd Version)"
06) Excès Nocturne "Dahlia Noir"
07) Tuatha De Danann "Anastoria"
08) Mary Goes Round "The Nightmare (1st Version)"
09) Message "The Grave"
10) Asylum Party "Dreaming"


Sunday 25 May 2008

Brigade Internationale - Regard Extrême (1984)

Another brilliant french coldwave band, which released this only one album.
BI's music is a mix of classic synthetic coldwave sound with industrial or even post-industrial.

01) First Time
02) Arche Tenebre
03) In Obscurity
04) Normal Night
05) Regard Extreme
06) First Time
07) Remember Me
08) Le Desert
09) Alone
10) Normal Night
11) Dernier Eté


Saturday 24 May 2008

Voyage De Noz - Opera (1990)

The group which was giving rise to "Rock Lyonnaise" genre.
Today's post is the first album of this incredible band.
The phantasmagorical emulsion of the theatrical moments makes this work the most unusual amongst others.
Enjoy this masterpiece!

01) Je Suis Dieu
02) Que La Fete Commence!
03) Les Mains Sales
04) Encore l'Hiver
05) Sculpture Lente
06) Pierrot Le Fou
07) Aurelia
08) Chaque Nuit
09) Dernier Combat
10) Fleuve
11) Le Pont
12) Sunny
13) Le Jour Des Clowns
14) l'Etranger
15) Aurelia II
16) Les Chantiers De l'Aurore
17) La Fete s'Acheve


Leitmotiv (french) - Discography

Nice coldwave band from Aubervilliers, France. Actually, they released 2 SP's and 1 maxi... Their music is quite occult and nostalgic.

1983 - Philosophy
01) Philosophy
02) Helle Stimme Ruhe

1984 - Morne Libido
01) In Camera
02) Morne Libido

1985 - Leitmotiv EP
01) Attendre encore
02) Harte Liebe
03) Sybil's Smile
04) Les Fausses Raisons


Thursday 22 May 2008

Little Nemo - Froide (1986)

Today's post is the first Little Nemo K7 (which has never been officially released).
Actually, this is a soft model of "touching-pop".
The next release ("Past & Future") is darker a lot...
But I prefer "Froide" because of truly DIY style.

01) Empty House
02) Les Jouets
03) Bed In Summer
04) Alice
05) September
06) Boring Parties
07) Les Vallées Du Songe


Tuesday 20 May 2008

Of A Mesh - Of A Mesh EP (1986) + Broken EP (1987)

Here's the last post with OAM links.
The first one (Of A Mesh EP) is more faster and has specific post-punk sound.
The second one (Broken EP) has a lot of psychedelic moments and slightly creepier than the early works.


Of A Mesh EP
1) Burning Bride
2) Crazy House
3) Candy (Is an Axe Now?)

Broken EP
1) Guillotine
2) New Song
3) Damage
4) Life's Liquid


Of A Mesh - Live at CBGB + "Thorns"

Unreleased perfomance at CBGB + a song from "Sorrority Sampler" compilation.

1) Suspiria
2) Spinning World
3) Black Fly
4) Cut
5) Thorns (VA - Sorrority Sampler)


Of A Mesh - Demos 84 + Demos 85 (1985)

Genious NY deathrock band.
The band with a mystical, creepy and tribal sound.
There's a also an unusual (for deathrock bands) instrument, such as violin.

1) C.I.T.
2) In My Head
3) In A Room
4) Crazy House
5) Object d'Art
6) Twist
7) C.I.T.


Clair Obscur - Demos (1981)

The excellent example to compare early and late albums.
Especially, guitars strikingly differ.
Early songs were fulfilled with a "fresh youth" energy.
Hysterical, tragic and even apocalyptic demo.


01) Hear My Voice
02) Nichevo
03) Bad Lover
04) Trust In You
05) Tristan Tzara
06) Holy Men
07) Souvenirs De La Foret
08) Sound Of The Toundra
09) Cudecos Plastified
10) Photo Romance


Clair Obscur - In Out (1988)

This longplay wasn't so post-punky such as early works.
Created by the influence of classical music and old french cabaret,
"In Out" got a little other audience, but I still like this one.
I'm really charmed with these neoclassical romantic things.


01) Defini
02) Blume
03) Artistic slaughter
04) Auld lang syne
05) The last encounter
06) Valse
07) Petite fable
08) Tzarin


Monday 19 May 2008

Réseau d'Ombres - Ireos (1984)

Live album by three genious guys from Laval, France...
Really cool!

01) Natural Gesture
02) Mercenary
03) Just For Fun
04) Instant
05) Passé
06) Man Of Wood
07) The Abstract Call
08) Happy Song
09) Folie
10) The Meal
11) Over The Sea


Ritual - Songs For A Dead King

I really like demo-tapes.This damp atmosphere, bad quality and there's nothing left in music. 
I think, the best (and, mostly classic) example is Ritual's "Songs For A Dead King".
Thanks to Curious Guy for posting two official releases.

01) Structure Of My Madness
02) Human Sacrifice
03) Playtime
04) Manpower
05) Portrait
06) Cult
07) Brides
08) Closedown
09) Effigy
10) Waiting For The Man
11) End Product
12) Mind Disease
13) Assassin


Hymn - Tired 12" (1984)

Another brilliant french band from the cold 80's...
Soft guitar, moody synths, sharp bass and, of course, primitive drum-machine and COLD voices.
The words aren't enough, you must hear these songs!

01) Tired
02) Turning Away
03) The Night
04) Eight Years Old


Pavillon 7B - S/T (1987)

One of my favourite french bands. A lot of synths and emotional (not heavenly) voices.
First I heard their song "Black Generation" (from an excellent compilation "Trensmission 81-89") and I was really charmed with their soundscapes later with an album "Overdose"...

01) Black Generation
02) Wish
03) Sensation
04) The Sailor
05) Les Nouveaux Abris
06) Sphere
07) Love Loser
08) Somebody