Thursday 29 October 2009

Decade - Diva Diva (1987)

Sad melancholic guys from Montpellier (Diva Diva reminds me of Little Nemo's synth weirdness; Conquistador is like an arty rock lyonnaise, pierced through cold Nancy rains).
I don't sure if they released more, but it seems to be their only vinyl.

1) Diva Diva
2) Conquistador


Tuesday 27 October 2009

Eskimo - Ti U (1985)

The band with no face (except this whole music thing).
I didn't even know where are they from, Spain or France?
Cool avantgarde/wave record and just another highly recommended stuff for you.
If you have some info on them, feel free to add a comment.

1) Cannibal
2) King Kong Talk
3) Tsi Zawa
4) Ioti
5) Manana
6) Nageuse


Saturday 17 October 2009

Maria Et - La Fuite En Avant (1986)

At the end of this upload-day I want to present you a band called Maria Et and their mini-longplay.
Art-rock/(cabaret)/coldwave one from Divine label, famous for Complot Bronswick and Tuxedomoon.
These fabulous guys are from Toulouse.

1) Agitation
2) Etrange Parcours
3) La Fuite En Avant
4) Retrouvailles
5) Amicalement Votre
6) Disparu


"Orcades Machinales, Vol. 1" compilation (1988)

Some kind of french coldwave chef-d'œuvre!
Presented by Franck L. (Opera Multi Steel), so all the thankyou's here are for him.
P.S. I did not find any other parts of a compilation (vol. 2-4).

01) X Ray Pop - l'Orchidée
02) Astrophel Et Stella - Amaraza
03) Bela Luna - In A Manner Of Speaking
04) Ultime Possibilité - Coute Que Coute
05) Pavillon 7B - +
06) Collection d'Arnell~Andréa - Comme Un Marbre De Roses
07) Le Palais Royal - l'Homme Devient Marin
08) Fureur Parallele - Le Monde Est Fou ...
09) In Aeternam Vale - Here
10) Hoi Polloi - Machine Rapping
11) Vendredi 13 - J'avance
12) Kekko Bravo - Faites Vos Jeux
13) Dave Et Ses Magic Mushrooms - Nous Somme Tous Des Lapins
14) Alambic - Par Cheu Nous, I's' Marions Tou'


Vietnam Rafale - Asile Tropical (1982)

An obscure band from Versailles.
And yes, this vinyl has been released on Faites Le Vous-Même, a legendary (but a bit underground) label.

1) Asile Tropical
2) Lili Calcium
3) Trois Orchidées