Sunday, 21 December 2008

"La Muse Vénale" compilation (1985)

An outstanding coldwave compilation from Marseille side.
Released by Exil in 1985 as the cassette.
There's only one act, which may be called "famous" (Martin Dupont), others are almost unknown.
If you're looking for Closed Session material, look here (and be thankful to Capa Nostra).
About Formes Nouvelles: according to, they released a CD. I'm still searching for this one.

Chapitre I:
01) Prelude
02) Vision Baroque - Mugarax
03) Vision Baroque - Send No Flowers
04) Vision Baroque - Le Goût Du Sang / The New
05) Corps Diplomatique - Sin Of Flesh
06) Corps Diplomatique - Puzzle Sheeps
07) Corps Diplomatique - Les Métamorphoses
08) Local Passion - Le Faiseur De Songes
09) Local Passion - Le Bouclier D'Athena
10) Local Passion - Nouvelle Histoire
11) Without Sense - Schizophrenia
12) Without Sense - Black Magic

Chapitre II:
01) Seventeen Steps - Melancholy
02) Seventeen Steps - Here Is To Her Smile
03) Martin Dupont - He Calls The Sky Hector
04) Martin Dupont - Accident Of Stars
05) Martin Dupont - Top Of The Pyramid
06) Closed Session - What Have You Learnt
07) Closed Session - Proctis Day
08) Formes Nouvelles - Present And The Lost
09) Formes Nouvelles - The Sun, He, Never Lies
10) Formes Nouvelles - Greece On The Morning
11) Outro



Capa Nostra said...

Great Compilation. Thank you so much for this!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Absolutely love your blog. Some amazing music. Do you know any other bands similar to "Local Passion" on this compilation. Could you email to if you do. Thanks

Exploding cure said...

hello im ariel from argentina ,im search the album from bonapartes , to the isle of dog,you could sharing in the blog or contacted me :
very thanks

Azra said...

If you are still searching to Formes Nouvelles, search on this site : . They have it! and I can tell you that's it is really, really great!