Thursday, 29 October 2009

Decade - Diva Diva (1987)

Sad melancholic guys from Montpellier (Diva Diva reminds me of Little Nemo's synth weirdness; Conquistador is like an arty rock lyonnaise, pierced through cold Nancy rains).
I don't sure if they released more, but it seems to be their only vinyl.

1) Diva Diva
2) Conquistador



Unknown said...

happy halloween !

Anonymous said...

Thank youfor all your effort on the blog! You have certainly turned me onto some coldwave i would have never found without you!
May i put in a request for anything by Nostalgie Eternelle and particulary anything they released on "One Last Dream' record label
(that released the excellant Opfer Der Hingabe you posted!) thank you again from australia