Monday 7 December 2009

Da - Time Will Be Kind (1982)

Fantastic Chicago goth/punk band, which music had flirted with art-rock/no wave.
I've posted their first 7" some time ago.
Think about the day Bush Tetras meet Siouxsie & The Banshees and then give a listen to this american perfection.

01) Next To Nothing
02) Strangers
03) Silent Snow
04) Three Shadows
05) This Doubt
V.A. Busted At OZ songs (1981)
01) Fish Shit
02) The Killer



Anonymous said...

You should post STATIONS...much better band than DA

Capa Nostra said...

What a great record! Thanks very much. Regards.

The seller said...

Great discovery ! thx !

Vlanik Ro said...

Anon, I am still searching for it. Alas, in vain. Maybe you could help us all?
CN, you're always welcome! Glad you appreciate it.
DeMarCatiO, thank you for the comment.

bicyclepirate said...

Thanks! I had been looking for this a while ago and couldn't find it.

raul_dook said...

this is great!

echoed said...

Didn't 'Da' do a self-titled 7" with two tracks: "Dark Rooms" and "White Castles"? Or am I thinking of another band with the same name?

Roetoes said...

wow, two left hand players

Anonymous said...

Toes, your comment is a bit gauche.

Vlanik, thanks very much for this upload and greetings from Montreal.


Unknown said...

Nice post...We were able to locate a NM vinyl copy and acquire...pricey, but worth it...We do have stations 7inch...didn't know they were related...thanks for the tip...