Thursday 16 September 2010

Classé X - Classé X (1984)

Classé X were "typical happy" coldwave band from Toulouse (I think the reason is in their early years, when they were associated with the city punk scene).
Personally I note that B-side (4-7) is more driven than poppy and "minstreled" A-side (1-3).
Band's myspace.

01) Federico Fellini
02) Four Hours To Die
03) Myself In The Mirror
04) Dancing With The Ghost
05) In Your Room
06) The Sanctuary
07) The Dead Love Lives



Andrea Russo said...

Wow....thanks for sharing this rarity!

frog'n'roll said...

Yes, thanks a lot ! Greetings from the frog !

Pueblo said...

A nice symbiosis of punkish anger and post-Morrison charisma)) Thanks!

Rickard said...

hello, i have two things on my mind. First of all, is it just for me the no critics badongolink doesn't work? pretty irritating since i really would like to have that one. Second, you wouldn't happen to have their second release Prayers Behind The Door?

thanks for your work. much appreciated