Monday 19 May 2008

Réseau d'Ombres - Ireos (1984)

Live album by three genious guys from Laval, France...
Really cool!

01) Natural Gesture
02) Mercenary
03) Just For Fun
04) Instant
05) Passé
06) Man Of Wood
07) The Abstract Call
08) Happy Song
09) Folie
10) The Meal
11) Over The Sea



Anonymous said...

Hi Rommel,

once again thanks for links,

Shall I post the other or will you ?

I wish you all the luck and enjoy blogging.



Vlanik Ro said...

Yes, you can post other works!
Thank you for great music!

Marco Gélido said...

thanks for this!!

Marco Gélido said...

Vlanik Ro said...

Marco Gélido, thanks for this gift!

Anonymous said...

.anyone have the lyrics for any of their releases? (.tobe.).