Saturday 24 May 2008

Leitmotiv (french) - Discography

Nice coldwave band from Aubervilliers, France. Actually, they released 2 SP's and 1 maxi... Their music is quite occult and nostalgic.

1983 - Philosophy
01) Philosophy
02) Helle Stimme Ruhe

1984 - Morne Libido
01) In Camera
02) Morne Libido

1985 - Leitmotiv EP
01) Attendre encore
02) Harte Liebe
03) Sybil's Smile
04) Les Fausses Raisons



Perro D Chrome said...

Thanks for the share these unknow but great bands. thanks for add my link I made the same thing.
a hug from Colombia!!!!.

Vlanik Ro said...

You're always welcome. Happy you like it!
Cheers from Ukraine!

Roberto said...

thanks for sharing!

Sofia said...

I was just surching for this discography!
Greattings from Lisbon

bruno said...

amazing blog, thanks a lot for the share....