Monday 30 August 2010

No Critics - November (1990)

These german guys were something between classic post-punk area (Joy Division, In Camera) and deutschpunk/depropunk, such as EA80 or Fliehende Stürme. Slight bass structures + dreamy synthetic features made this work very unusual amongst other german gothic rock bands. Also you may find Bauhaus likeness along some songs ("Dance", "Young Hearts Fail").

01) War
02) November
03) Dance
04) No Critics
05) Deep In My Heart
06) Young Hearts Fail



Lethal_Injection Blog said...

Thanks for this K7, finally found, Excellent Blog.

Anonymous said...

link does not work :(

Vlanik Ro said...

Anon, just try it again. Or maybe you should take a chance with another browser. I'm using Opera and everything's well.

Anonymous said...

hi there!!

incredible k7''!!...

do you have the other release about of: no critics in cd?...

i wish as you can help me,thnx a lot!!.


Ten Thousand Eyes said...

Hello my friend, you have a great blog full of rare stuff. I didnt know anything about the No Critics band until now, they are very good!!
I started my own blog with similar music, but focusing on the Greek scene of the 80's and 90's. Check it out if you have time, and please add me to your Links list. (
best regards
The Psychopomp

Vlanik Ro said...

Alas, this one is the only I have, but try to look for their 1992's CD.

Ten Thousand Eyes
You are welcome! I've already added a link to your blog.

redo said...

you can look one video os '' no critics'' from my youtube chanel

Anonymous said...

Too bad i can't find another No Critics songs.This release is great.I found ''Dance'' from a DIY compilation ''Dance of the Living Dead'' from a friend's suggestion.

and this one (various) seems great with some great cold wave/post punk bands/tracks: