Thursday, 19 August 2010

Noir De Soie - Grateful Grins (1992)

(sorry, only the back sleeve)

Absurd music for absurd people.
Saying seriously, there was (or maybe is?) an avantgarde coldwave band from Genève, Switzerland. In my humble opinion, they should be strongly recommended to Coil fans (of "Love's Secret Domain" era).
All I know (and all you may find) of them lies here.

01) Rumours (Ombres)
02) Le Diable Probablement
03) Ishaque
04) Quiet Talking In A Smooth Lightened Bathroom
05) Brilliant, Intérieur Et Aveugle
06) Wasted Words (Time)
07) Ombres
08) The Host
09) Nocturnes
10) Epilogue


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